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When you are looking for a great Minibus taxi company Eastbourne customers have come to rely on South Coast Minibuses.

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Minibus Taxi Company Eastbourne

Sometimes, the only way to get in and out of town is via taxi.  Locals know this very well!  Especially on those holidays when the whole town is full of day trippers and folks from abroad milling around, and the parking spaces are at an absolute premium, your Minibus taxi company Eastbourne is here at your service, with a fleet of clean and Electro fogged vehicles to ensure a safe trip.  We spray down all the points of contact too, so that you can have total peace of mind.  How much better to have exclusive travel from a Minibus taxi company Eastbourne, to be dropped off, or picked up, in exactly the spot you prefer!

Minibus Taxi Company Specialising in Group Travel

We are here to take you and your friends, anywhere you like, so call a Minibus taxi company Eastbourne you can trust to offer a great deal with group travel with a very competitive rates.

We offer corporate travel, familes, groups and all kinds of airport and seaport transfers which help you get to wherever you need to go on time, straight from your door!  We also take care of any luggage.  

We adhere to DofT guidelines when it comes to social distancing, as a Minibus taxi company Eastbourne we know that our customers like to feel safe so our 16 seater minibuses are available to take you out as a group, anywhere you would like to go, whether that is to an attraction, to catch a plane, or boat, or to have a day out at the beach. 

But we know that this year, things are going to be pretty crazy out there.  So to ensure you get a great deal from an experienced and friendly minibus taxi company Eastbourne - Book now to avoid disappointment.